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if you were jeff, not knowing that the device woudl kill your wife, not knowing that he had your daughter and what not. but at the moment where he could have forgiven jigsaw would you have done it? personally i would have done it differently. i would be sure that i got my wife out of there. byt then i woudl have known about my daughter as well, and i woul dspend the rest of my life hunting down to kill him.

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I would not forgave the Doctor. Ever, ever, never. Also, I would of not killed the Doctor, I would not have reacted so fast.

I thought that was dumb because the guy had to know that Jigsaw had his daughter, he got kidnapped when him and his daughter were alone. Being a mom, I doubt that is something that you forget about. But I'm not sure if I could forgive him, and I would want him alive to tell me where my daughter was. And Id be more worried about my dying wife and he said that whole story to Amanda (was that her name), so I would listen to what he had to say.

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