this guy i like....?

there's this guy i like, he's in my grade, we go to the same school, he signed my yearbook, i really like him (as in LIKE LIKE him), should i add him to my friends, or send a request? i don't want to look stupid. i also want to add more people that go to my school and are in my grade, but i don't really talk to them at all. what should i do?

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I found lots of my old friends in orkut
People live in orkut. try searching for your school in orkut and I'm sure you will find it in orkut community

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try posting this in the relationships forums

Just add them and send them a message sayin was up some thing like dat don't worry itz just myspace

Add him to your friends list. Being direct about liking someone doesn't make you look stupid -- it's a show of confidence and opens the field.

The longer you postpone letting someone know how you feel, the closer you get to the "friends" zone where you'll just be considered a friend to them (though this applies more to men than women).

I know plenty of women who tell guys they are cute and what not and they never really get shot down. At the least, the guy will be flattered.

Give it a go.

I guess you must have already asked him "are you on myspace?" so why not go and ask him in person if he'll be on your friends-list? it's a good excuse to get chatting and you'll know straight away if he likes you back the same way.

I think if you don't talk to the people at school you'll have to be careful how much you say on MySpace if you have them added to your friends-list - it's very easy to pour out your heart on the internet but you'll be meeting them for real back at school.

i know how it feels. I requested a boy and now we are going out because turned out he was to shy and didnt want to look stupid so dont worry maybe things will turn out for the best!

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