Umbrella Remix ft. Chris Brown?

What do you guys think about it? My opinion, love it Chris Brown just makes it much better and i love how he changed it to Cinderella instead of Umbrella.

i havnt heard it!! i say itd b fab though!! i [heart] chris brown!!

I luv it. I especially like the Cinderella part to.

I've heard the umbrella song and i HATE it, it's so annoying.

You can be by Cinderella ella ella eh eh eh you can be my Cinderella eh eh eh eh eh !
its ok

This song is absolutely terrible. It was bad enough to begin with but then they had Chris go in the studio and just record over the current track. It was very poorly done. There is no real interaction between Jay, Rihanna and Chris Brown. Don't be done in by this terrible remix or by her cd which is even worse.

Best Answer

OMG! i <3 that song. he makes everything hot. :)

i love it! that song goes hard.

luv it

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