website help?

what's the best way to get people to know about my website? it's a fine art photograhpy site. how do i get it out there?

Post about it in forums. I suggest MySpace and deviantART.

myspace xanga yahoo hot mail anything that you can post things up on your friends tell other frinds who tell other on and on

Best Answer

Wow! Your work is excellent. The images are dramatic. You have a good eye. Very nice gallery of your work.

COMMUNITIES: There are communities you can join and noted in previous posts. With the quality if your work, I recommend D'Art if you have not already joined.

SEARCH ENGINES: I recommend that you submit your website to search engines like Yahoo, Google, MSN, etc. This will greatly increase the traffic to your site. There are several free search engine submission sites that you can use to get started like Addme and Eversoft and Submit Express. However, since nothing in life is really free, be sure to read the terms of service. You can also purchase software or a service that will submit your site for a fee. At the least, I recommend to you submit your site directly to the big Search Engines pages like Yahoo, Google, and MSN's LiveSearch.

META TAGS: Make sure there are appropriate Meta Tags on each page of your web site that want found if someone is searching for them. If someone is searching for "fine art photography" will they find your site? Are these keywords listed in your meta tags?

This should help somewhat - good luck with your site!

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