What's the best way to fix a grainy, out of focus photograph?

My Dad asked me to fix some photos of his 3rd Infantry Division buddies (Korean War). The photos were printed on plain paper and are very grainy. I have Microsoft Digital Image Suite and Ulead PhotoImpact, but really know how to use the Microsoft package the best. I saw a software package called FocusMagic, which would probably work great, but it costs $45. Any suggestions? Unfortunately, I don't know how to use Adobe Photoshop.

Best Answer

I doubt you can really fix out of focus issue, I guess you could try sharpen the image.
Photoshop is great, but it can be a bit confusing first. You might want to try Paint Shop Pro or Photoshop Elements.
There are seperate programs to remove grain, such as NeatImage or Noise Ninja - you might want to try those.

You can't really fix poor focus. Sorry. Of course, you will have to scan the pictures in order to try any manipulation of them.

You can "sharpen" an image and you can blur an image, but you can't put it in better focus than it was in the first place.

Sometimes, you can increase the saturation of a key color or two and make it appear more to your liking. Maybe you can even do this with black and white images.

Grain is one thing and out of focus another, you can not correct them once is done.

Go to a Time machine, set it up for Korean war retake the pictures with good focus and present them to your Dad.

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