What's the difference between an ipod and an mp3?

What's the difference between an ipod and an mp3?

there is none. i-pod is simply a brand of mp3 player.

An iPod is a MP3 player. The term "iPod"'s just become a generic name for any mp3 player, really, since it's so popular :P There are many different brands of mp3 players... MuVo TX FM, iPod, etc...

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an ipod is a device that plays mp3's

an mp3 is a compressed music file

Well, the Apple iPod is more known to everyone. Now that the Ipod came out, everyone is going crazy over it. MP3 are not "cool" anymore. Plus, the iPod fits way more songs than an MP3 player.

when i was buying a mp3 it said mp3 ipod so i think an ipod is a mp3 but a mp3 is not an ipod
get it?


An ipod is an Mp3 player. Mp3 is a type of music file that songs can be in. A device used to play them is an mp3 player.An ipod plays aac or aac protected music its not mp3 but its a music file and is the same.

ipod is to mp3 as stereo is to cd

An ipod is a type of mp3 player. It's just the brand name for the type.

Mp3 players are better- most can use windows media player formated songs.

Ipods suck!!- you can only use itunes

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