what age do you stop bottle feeds?

when do you stop giving milk in a bottle and offer just a sippy cup with milk and is it hard to get them to have it like that.

I introduced the sippy cup at about 6 months and no more bottles after 1 year. However my daughter was breast fed so she had so few bottles in her lifetime that it wasn't a big deal to give them up.

everybodys child is different, my son was 2 and my daughter wasa year and a half, but she used her "sippy cup" as a bottle, sometimes she would just suck air out of it, she wouldn't even tip it to get any thing out. i would say 2

they say u can start at 1 years old. but my son didn't stop until age 2 1/2 and it was because i was paranoid about him starving.

offer a sippy cup at 6 months. after a year, should no child still be on a bottle.

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I bought my son sippy cups for his first birthday and we made a HUGE deal out of them. I put 2oz of water in a bottle and a chocolate milk filled sippy cup on the table and let him decide. He carried that water around and held onto the empty bottle for an hour or so, but then he tried the chocolate milk. He's never even looked at another bottle. Playtex sippy cups are what worked well for us. They have ages listed on the sippy packages so you get the right flow, just like nipples on bottles.

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All three of my children came off the bottle by the age of 1. It was their birthday present...lol. j/k. But seriously, I made it a point to have them off the bottle as close to 1 as possible. They were on sippy cups before their first birthday, but still got the bottle at night. Once they turned a year old, the night time bottles stopped. I think each of them had maybe one night where they just threw a holy fit for the bottle, but once they realized they weren't getting it....they soon forgot about it. The hardest part is to hear them cry, which could go on for awhile. It is all really a matter of opinion. I personally just don't like to see kids that can walk, walk around with a bottle in their mouth or a pacifier. My son starting walking at 8 months old, and that is when his bottles slowed down. If they can walk, they can use a sippy cup, and soon move into a regular cup. I personally feel like parents these days "baby" their kids too much. It seems like they want them to be dependent on them as much as possible. I teach my kids independence, not dependence.

when they get 1 yrs. old

Both of my sons were weaned from formula to milk at 12 months, then I introduced sippy cups. My first son was a little more of a challenge in the change until we found which sippy cups worked best for him (straws). My second son stopped using the bottle like in a day because he was finally getting to drink from big brother's cups!

don't wait 'til they reach 1!!! let them try drinking it in a cup try the real cup u know it helps! thats' what i did to my kids! by the time they turned 1 they stopped drinking in a bottle! less than a year they stopped drinking in a bottle! they never use sippy cup either! I always think sippy cup is just like baby bottle!!!! my friends son is 3 yrs old and still drinks in a sippy cup! just let them sit in their high chair and let them drink in a cup who cares if they get messy just think it will be easier for you & they are leaning at the same time!!

Stop giving them the bottle when you feel comfortable doing so. No one knows your child, and your lifestyle better than you do.

As to is it hard to get them to have it like that, depends on your child. I bought 50 different sippy sups before 51 was the one she would drink from.

I introduced the sippy to both of my boys when they were around 7-8 months old and when they turned 1 I got rid of all the bottles in the house and gave them sippy cups. I never had any problems with either of the boys switching.

as soon as my son could drink from a sipper cup i took the bottle a way. so he was broke from the bottle at 4-6 months. when you do it at this age it's easier because have not grown attached to it.

I think every parenting style is different as well as each child. I introduced my daughter to the sippy cup about 6 months but she really wasn't able to drink out of it...so I periodically would try to get her to drink out of it. At around 10 months she was able to drink out of it and I gradually gave her sippy cups more often than bottles and eventually she didn't want the bottle

My daughter was 6 months old when i took the bottle. I did it in steps. First I gave her a sippy cup with a soft top, now she is on a hard top, next I am going to try her on the straw sippy cups. She is now 13 months.

Not sure of what doctors would say but I chose to take my 18month old son's bottle about a month or so after he turned 12 months, but he wasn't getting up in the middle of the night for it, like my niece, but we still took her bottle at bout the same time but she still gets up but now she gets a cup. Try the cups with the soft nibble like top and slow move into a cup with a hard top.

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