What are the most answers that have been posted to a question of yours?

My highest question got 52 answers.

About 33

I got 100 for my birthday question

Mine was right around there too. I have one open question right now with 48 answers.

My highest is 40.

46 answers :) usually the one questions that ask for one word answers get a lot more answers than the ones that require thinking lol

i got 71 then some shithead reported me

I think one of mine got 28.


I once got 60 or so! But, most of the really great regulars are gone now!

35. Sometimes it's the dumbest questions that get all of the answers oh and ones about spanking get a lot too.

28, sad right, ok, but I keep trying

mine is difficult.. abt 29 only.

Takes too much brain juice to answer mine.

I think 54, or it might have been 64.

38 for asking if "you" are scared of doctors. Probably should have got more but oh well.


Three hundred something

Best Answer

90 answers for a misspelled question, you might recognize it, since you got best answer, lol!

what is this? another trap? mine is around 35, so, let me see...oh yeah, you win -again ...

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