What can I do to get my website unblocked?

My website has been blocked under the heading of "spam email urls", which means that people have gotten the URL in their email account unsolicited. I don't understand that because I haven't emailed anyone about it and now many people cannot access the website. What can I do?

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ISP going to block an URL if it was used for spam. But if you did not send spam emails, you have to find out, whats going on. At first you have to ask the customer support of your ISP. If they will telling you, that spam emails was sent true your mailserver (and you didn't), ask them, if the mailserver requires authentification. If this is not, anybody can abuse the mailserver and sending spam. In this case, you can do nothing but blame your ISP why they don't prevent the abuse by authentification requirement (has to be set by the ISP).
And of course, in this case your ISP has no right to block your URL! Ask them to unblock it immedently. If they don't and you did nothing wrong, you should change to another ISP. I can recommend Klasse-Web. This ISP is working with high performance servers in Germany, the manpower (support, webdesign, programming) they do in the Philippines. So at the end it is not the cheapest ISP, but the webhosting plans are not too expensive. Check it out.
But the best way of course is to settle the problem with your current ISP.

What are you talking about? Who is blocking it? What is blocking it?

give me a date and ill tell you exactly what you want to know!

all you can do is email the schools and libraries and explain your situation.

one possible cause for this is someone else has hacked your email account and has been using it to spam people. i read this somewhere but i forgot where.

http://www.bamozi.com might work for you

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