What do you think about Hugh Hefner's girlfriends? Holly?

Do you think they are going to date another older man once he dies? Do you think their relationship is real, or did he just take them from trashy to classy and give them a life they never would have had?

I think there is a certain percentage of women who would become involved in a relationship with a mummy if it meant that they would get their faces on camera and make a few bucks.

I think, It's all a show...I was watching The Girls Next Door last night, And one of the girls went into his office, being silly...And he kinda politely just pushed her back out..He doesn't seem like he REALLY loves and cares about them, they're Playmates...not only for the magazine, But for Heff.


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Holly and Heff seem to have more of a relationship. Whenever I watch the show, I always think that Kendra and Bridgets interactions with Heff are so awkward - especially Kendra. She seems to be there for the added benefits and Bridget's always wanted to be a playmate and be in the magazine. I guess for the girls, it's a great way to be in the spotlight and live nice lives. From what I understand he gives them money too each month.

I think all they really are, are long term hookers or whores. They are there for the money and fame in exchange for the use of their bodies.

Purchased, completely. No way would they love or be in any way attracted to this creepy corpse if he wasn't rich and able to give them fame (or notoriety). Trailer park skanks. From what I heard they get forty thousand a year to be his 'hoes. I would hardly call that getting rich off of him. That's just enough to keep them on a short leash.

Hefner's girlfriends are gold-diggers and just banging him because he is rich and famous.
He is a cad for dumping his wife so that he can have three s l u t girlfriends.

Before this I used to like Hefner. NO more.

i think real, watching the show , i can see she gets alittle jealous when the other girls are with hef. hef and holly are more serious than the other two, but for the most part i think its real , they reap benefits

I heard that Hugh Hefner is into gay male porn....I think the girls think its real...but it's not. It just make him look like a stud and gets them in a very bitchin situation.....fiancially that is.

it's all a show, the gals are in it for the money, fame etc.
it's not real

I have never found Hef's lovers very attractive, but to each his own. Holly may have enough money to buy her a young handsome man when the old fool dies. I'd hardly call Hef or his girls classy. Just look at his rag and see what I mean. I used to subscribe, but I don't wantr to read that Elvis was a poor lover or that Marilyn Monroe's death is mysterious. There is too little concern for truth in the mag. A martial arts article said Wing Chun Kung Fu has high kicks. I studied it and know it uses kicks no higher than the knee.

this is the way people looking for a wealthy man for many.

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