What do you think? I'd really appreciate your opinions :)?

http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/21113014/?qo=21&q=by%3Awolf02&qh=sort%3Atime+-in%3Ascraps and also, what do you think about the rest of the gallery? I'd really like your feedback :) and feel free to leave comments there as well!


Wow. Nice composition, amazing depth of field, you're doing great

Bad composition. You probably should have made that shot landscape instead.

Additionally, I think the tonal scale is bad as well.

I loooooved 'Stand Behind Me' and 'Hide me from this pain...'!

Man, too cool! But those pictures of your own look a bit odd, no offence. Don't get angry, but hey! You said you wanted an opinion, and here goes a true one!

This picture is bland. I can see a bit of glowing clouds in the corner, was the sun present? A panoramic shot would have done this landscape justice.

Interesting DOF... is it desaturated or is that in RGB.?

Your portfolio online is very jumbled and busy to the eye. Don't mix your "art" with "family & friends".

There ok man. You need to make sure the lightings right next time.

Best Answer

I would have re-cropped this to landscape and concentrated on the mountains - there is too much boring sky in this one (move the horizon up in the photo). I like the silhouette effect, though.

I like Stand behind Me! The clouds are awesome! Have you checked into www.soaphoto.com? It to is a pretty cool website!

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