What is surrealist, what do surrealist painter paint?

What is surrealist, what do surrealist painter paint?

My favorite types of art are surrealism.
salvadore dali is the most wel known and famous surrealist.
you should google it and check out some of his paintings they are very cool. surrealism is what the name says: very strange and dreamlike. cool stuff.

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Surrealism is a 20th-century literary and artistic movement that attempts to express the workings of the subconscious. Surrealistic art is often dream-like - sometimes nightmarish. Dali, Tanguy and Miro are maybe the three most well-known artists of the movement. I personally like Miro's work the best. I think Miro is the most fanciful and whimsical of the surrealists.

Surrealism is an art movement, in which the artists try to express their subconscious and paint a dreamland-scape. Salvador Dali and Rene Magritte were two of the surrealist artists during the late 1920's-1930's.

Surrealism[1] is a movement stating that the liberation of our mind, and subsequently the liberation of the individual self and society, can be achieved by exercising the imaginative faculties of the "unconscious mind" to the attainment of a dream-like state different from, or ultimately ‘truer’ than, everyday reality.

Surrealists believe that this more truthful reality can bring about personal, cultural, and social revolution, and a life of freedom, poetry, and uninhibited sexuality. André Breton said that such a revealed truth would be beautific, or in his own words, "beauty will be convulsive or not at all."

In more mundane terms, the word "surreal" is often used colloquially to describe unexpected juxtapositions or use of non-sequiturs in art or dialogue. When the concept of surrealism has been "applied" by associated groups of individuals, it has often been called a "surrealist movement," whether cultural (including artistic) or social.

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