What is the best p2p program on the internet becuse I tryed Lime wire.?

Lime Wire worked for your computer and then two Mouth latter the compter had a virus so i was wondering what is the best p2p program for your computer and the kind of computer is a wondows xp and if someone could help me that would great!! Thank You

Best Answer

Limewire, is a good shareware program if you learn to use it with caution. First you want to go into settings and unclick shared files ( or change it to 0 which ever your version says) so no one can get into your computer through a file... I also only allow access through my firewall when I am actually using Limewire .Then be careful, if the file is just too big to believe like 5000kb's for a 2 minute song, forget it..(.a 2 minute song should be in the 2000kbs range)... Do not get it if there is no bit rate, .. a normal bit rate will be at least 128 . I download all music to a temporary file on my desktop and scan the files for virus and spywear BEFORE I put it into my computer..

There is a price to pay with all P2P file sharing programs. ALL of them can give you viruses is you are not careful in what your downloading. Even downloading torrents from the internet aren't allways safe. My advice is if you are going to use a P2P file sharing program look at the size of the download and compare it to the size of what the file size should be by searching the internet. That is usually a fairly safe way to download without getting a virus. BUT there is allways a chance that you will still get a virus from cleverly packaged viruses. Hope this helps.

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