what is the meaning of love?

hi freinds! i was wondering that what is the meaning of love in reality? i mean can we say there is sth in the world with this name? ok if there is love but i think our loves are not too honest/or maybe they are conditional love. you know i like a boy who is an actor .last night i had a terrible headache it was too bad and i just wanted to die up to 3 oclock in the morning i couldnot sleep just because i solved alot of physics tests to make some freetime for my self for the next day to go to cinema and see his film, i was too bad in the morniong too but i changed the time of my evening class and i went to class in the morning. so i want you to tell me do i really love him?


yes u do.
love is very difficult to define but vry easy to feel

Meaning of love is all relative to your emotinal state and others emotional state. Is it a feeling of elation or is it more of a mental assurance that you get from that other person? It's everything and anything that revolves around the bonds that you form and bonds that you break. Does that make sense? If it doesn't, it means it's made sense to you in regards to your question. Simply put, there is no clear definition but you get the glimps from any statment concerning about love. Good luck

NO. If you did - you wouln't be asking.

1 Corinthians 13:4
Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud.
Along with this I think Love is Respect

The real meaning of love is SACRIFICE. The most difficult thing to do.

-can you say you love a person you hate w/o SACRIFICE?

-can you say to the Irania people you love them w/o SACRIFICE?

- God loves you thats why he SACRIFICE his self to the cross..

Have a nice day man..

Best Answer

Love cannot be defined in words.
It is expressed in actions and thoughts.
Out of all the things that you allowed yourself to go through just to see someone in a show, and you have to ask this?
You only know if you love someone or not, people just see your actions. That is what they use to determine their opinions.
Only you know for sure.

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