What is your favorite post-1950s style of art and why?

Be sure to give reference to specific artworks and artists for me to choose you as best answer.

Best Answer

i like installation art. when an artist transforms an entire room into an environment that is super cool.
ann hamilton, matthew barney, bill viola, bruce nauman, damien hirst, to name a few.

Well, I guess that leaves out art deco...Erte is my favorite artist of that period.

My favorite post 1950's art style would be op-art, preferably by Bridget Riley. The images are so stark, yet soft. The movement is wonderful.

My own , but you would have to come to Rossilimo's Studio on Thompson Street in Manhattan to see for yourself why! i also like the Photography of Helmet Newton, he has an eye for raw sex but with a sense of class!

pop. i love roy lichtenstien. My fave is Oh...Alright. I think that his treatment of women as subjects is just....funny, dead on, biased...there are so many ways to look at his art. I think he was just brilliant.

My favorite post 1950's style of art has to be pop art due to the artists that became known through this style of art: Andy Warhol is the major artist along with Roy Lichtenstein's graphic and innovative works of art such as 'WHAAM!' and I love the rich color used by artist David Hockney in 'Pacific Coast Highway and Santa Monica'. Pop art began in the 1950's and was widely influenced by advertisement and the consumer society that we have today, which is another reason why I chose pop art as a favorite.

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