What would cause a sudden onset of blurred vision?

My doctor has been treating me for a severe bacterial infection since October 16. I was first put on z-pak and then this Tuesday on Levaquin. I took a nap this afternoon having been very tired since this entire thing started. When I woke up I was unable to focus my eyes. 6 hours later I'm still blurry. I spoke with my doctor's head nurse and she said to come in in the morning. My optometrists nurse told me to go directly to urgent care, but I was unable to find a ride down there (being not able to see to drive). It's kind of hard for me to get around since I've been sick. My husband is currently stationed in Afghanistan and my nearest family is over 1500 miles away.

never read books while in the bed facing the ceiling.reading books using the lamp light will worsen the disorder.one reason of blurred vision high level of blood sugar in the body.

Maybe it's a reaction or side affect of this new med you started Tuesday. Does it say anything in the literature that comes with your med about blurred vision being a side affect or allergic reaction? If it does, your doctor will probably change your med to something else.

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I would like to suggest that you get your blood sugar tested especially because you are mentioning bacterial infections etc. Eliminate possible diabetic symptoms.
Perhaps do a google search for sudden blurred vision.
Often, as I have read, causes can be glaucoma.
Perhaps have your medication changed.
From my heart I would suggest seeing a Naturapath (not a general practioner) and ask to be tested for Candida. From experience I know that with bacterial infections and other odd health problems I found that I had a major overgrowth of Candida. I went on an anti candida diet for two years and was cleared right up.
Once after I had dental surgery I woke up after being back home for a bit and I couldnt see anything. I had jaundice from obviously a dirty needle from the hospital (if that helps any)
Google Candida also, as well as Sudden Blurred Vision and see what you get.
This sounds very serious. I f I were you, no matter what, I would be searching for a second opinion, medically.

Could be a number of things...vascular insufficiency, diabetes...see the doctor and don't mess with your eyesight. Call family services at the post.

I would not rule out the possibility that you are having some bad drug interaction. Are you on other drugs besides this new one (Levaquin?) Do you have a headache? It may be a severe migraine. Hard to tell. I am so sorry! Good luck.

Get an ambulance or taxi if needed, but get to ER/Urgent Care. Many possibilities, include severe, even damaging side effects, diabetes, brain tumor, so many things. I am concerned because my friend went in with different scenario (flu symptoms), but vision problem. She needed immediate life saving surgery, or it would have cost her her life within 24 to 48 hours. So, never mess around, let a Dr. take a look & take good care, PLEASE.
Let me know how it turns out, 'K?

Likely a reaction to the meds, and your infection. It would be a good idea to get checked out; however.

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