whats the difference between a pc card and an express card?

Well, there's AGP & PCI-X Follow the links for good explanations.

its PCI, AGP and PCIE

the links by the other person r good try that

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they are both slots for laptops. PCMCIA cards are
pc cards. There is a new standard coming out called express cards, they are smaller, and work much faster. The problem though is your old PCMCIA hardware doesn't work in the new slots. Which is just wonderful because I have a $200 cingular broadband card, and if i ever get a new computer, I have to buy a new express card :(

PC card usually refers to a PCMCIA card that is use to add devices, like modems, mini-HD, USB, Firewire,... to notebook computers.
Express card may be a reference to PCI Express, which will and is replacing the standard PCI slot. These are two different technologies.
I know you may not like it but I have referneced two Wiki sites to explan the diference between PCI and PCI express.

I hope this helps.

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