Which book can best teach me video game programming?

I am interested in creating videogames and I don’t mean Asteroids. Though I don’t know anything about Programming I want a book that will take me from the basics all the way to more advanced videogame creation. I’ve heard that 3D GameStudio is one of the best programs for video game programming. What others are there and is it realistic for me to expect to learn videogame programming for 3d video games? I know designing software, I don’t know anything about programming though. •Which is the best book out there for me? •Just how hard is it to learn videogame programming? •Is it realistic to expect to learn programming language from a book? •What programs are there out there for video game programming? Any help would be appreciated a lot!

Best Answer

For some books, you could go to this web site and get the information. There are four books there, and depending on what you want to know, depends on which book.

It may be hard to learn video game programming if you do not know a lot of Maths, or have difficulty understanding a lot of Maths.

It is difficult to learn programming in general if you cannot think abstractly, and about how things are put together, or the way they work. That is, if you want to build a model of a car in a program, you would need to know about an engine, gearbox, sterring wheel, etc., and how they all work together before you could build the model.

It is a great deal better to learn frm a book, as you know it has been reviewed and agreed on from a lot of academics, or people in the know.

Programs differ, you have programs just for graphics, such as maya. High end, and very expensive.

You need to combine a lot of disciplines together to create a program, you need a User Interface (usually graphical GUI).

You need to program algorithms and so forth for the game to run.

Are there programs that will allow you to make a computer game without anything else? I doubt it, as you need at least a graphics pprogram.

As to the programming languages c, c++ (c plus plus), and c# (c sharp).
c is a language that is used for systems programming, or when you need something done quickly.
c++ is an extension to c, it used to be called c with classes. It does not use the full c programming language, but uses a part fo it.

Either of these languages would help you with making a program (video game), and I believe most successful programs have been made with these languages.

Therefore, it would be best to get a book on these languages as well. If you have a look at this site and scroll down the page until you see the sections 'Introduction to Programming / CS1', 'Intermediate / Advanced Programming', et.c., you will find some books on c and c++
Note: Be sure to learn ANSI c or ANSI c++

As to c#, it is a microsoft language, the same as their version of c++ called visual c++ or visual c++.net
I would recommend you stay away from these languages, unless you know you just want to program on Windows.
Be aware though, this decision may cost you in the long run.
If microsoft decide to implement something else, you may have to ditch everything you know and learn yet another microsoft language.
Also, you may be offered a job where there is no Windows, and the company uses a different operating system. How will you be able to program in this job? It will be hard, as you may have to change everything you know, to conform with ANSI c or ANSI c++, as microsoft has changed the ways things should be done.

I had a look at the 3D GameStudio site. You may be able to get some games to work, but if you do not create all the scripts yourself, or fully understand how the scripts work that come from others, you may experience problems when things go wrong in the game.
Another thing to remember is, the scripts that are available may contain viruses, and you could be spreading these viruses. This will make people unhappy with you, and you may not get any takers for the programs you create later, or get any job you appy for.

In my humble opinion, you would be best of learning C++, then if you want to go and learn C. This way you do not have to worry about allocating and deallocating memory apart from the keywords 'new', 'delete', and 'delete[]'.

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