Why are papparrazzi allowed to stalk celebs?

I was talking to my mother, and i asked her if photo ppl were allowed to stalk celebs, she said yes. is it true, if it is why?

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They just do it, it is a free country...

i think because those are the people that help make them famous like putting them on newspapers and stuff and its not like they follow them to their home though...

celebs chose the life knowing full well that the consequences would be people wanting to know every last detail of their life. With this comes papparazzi. Next time you want to feel sorry for them do it at work- and think about them in Hawaii sipping on pina coladas and dropping thousands of $ at designer boutiques.

yes because the media is allowed to know what they do and thats how they make money sometimes or most of the time its the wrong info

Freedom of the Press is why they can do what they do . However, sometime they go to far. It should be if the celeb is outside or in a public place they should be allowed to take pictures. However, when the celeb is in their house they should be off limits.

They unfortunatly can, but sometimes they go way too far. Think about it, would you like some camera crazy papparrazzi snapping your picture where ever you go. They like to even take pictures of them messing up or doing something that they don't want on camera. They'll die for a shot of a celebrity doing something stupid, because people like to read about and see a celebrity messing up. sometimes they'll even make up stuff, just so they can sell that picture to a newspaper and get paid.

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