Why do guys try to act cool in front of their friends but sweet in front of girls?

Why do guys try to act cool in front of their friends but sweet in front of girls?

great question

They don't want guys to know that they are "soft". A secure dude doesn't care though, but those are few and far between. You just have to give them their space (but not too much)

they act cool wid friends cos they try to increase their rate of popularity and wid their girls they act cute to make cos girls lyk cute guys.

i never really got that if u have seen the movie gresse danny does that i HATE that

He want one of them to be there grirl friend.

That is a really good question! it should be for guys only!!

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...because guys (and gals) seek to be socially accepted by the people they relate with.

guys act cool because cool is self-loving and confident. and no guy really wants to be seen as insecure and unable to relate with the guys which they can relate with....so guy culture has acceptable and less acceptable knowledges/behaviours/practices.

when a guy is with a girl and sweet it is because he wants to be accepted by her....and knows (or thinks he knows)/behaves/practices for the purpose to be with her.

simple as that......acceptance...it is why humans mate...it is why humans kill....it is why humans avoid others of different knowledges/behaviours/practices.

more reason to cause one person to ask...."what do i bring as values of behaviour and practices into relationship with an other...?".....else learn by doing/being/having with those which attract us (and are attracted by).

good question

be well

lol who knows just get used to it they never grow up,get what you can out of them and play them against each other cause they are just dumb idiots anyway

they try to act cool because they dont want there friends to think they are wimp they act sweet us females becase they know we like sweet boys well most of us lol

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