Why do i feel like i'm trying not to have an erection all day?

This really seems to be my main goal everyday! I get erections very easily... is there a pill i can take to help this?

supposedly the human brain thinks about sex every 6 seconds . ether consciously or subconsciously. I'm not sure that's true. but go see a sex therapist.and If she can't help just enjoy yourself.I hope your not taking Viagra. If you are .... stop.

Is it just me or don't guys want to be able to get an erection? That's what viagra is for. nyway i'm not a guy, so im not too much help.

stop rubbing it, like how old r u? ughh srry no "pill" for it

dont worry about it if it dont come within a few days see a doctor if ur that worried

if you are young enough to be going through puberty it is normal when i was i got an erection all the time even when i wasnt thinking about anything. there is no pilll that i know of. just show off what u got and dont worry about it.

Get a girl friend with soft hands.

You're dead wrong !!! Enjoy your youth & be proud ofthose hard-ons when you're older you'll wish you could get hard again.

Stop complaining & whining !!! Get real and be proud of your manhood and hard-ons.

Best Answer

forget about them.

And no I am not being funny here, it is true. The more you think about sex, your penis, or getting erect, the more it will happen. Even if you aren;pt gay, just thinking about a freind popping one can get yours to rise to an embarassing occasion.

First off, erections are as normal as water. They happen at random times, they don't happen sometimes when you want them, they occur about every 45 minutes while you sleep, you usually wake up with one every morning, and they always seem to happen right when you are called upon in class to stand up.

So, the best remedy is to simply face the fact that yoru penis will do what it pleases and you might as well get used to people noticing and don't waste time getting embarassed, trying to hide them or otherwise willing them to go away. Simply carry on with your normal activities as if they never occur and they will reduce in both frequency and in duration.

Oh, and a daily masturbation sessions wouldn't hurt either to keep you happy and little things satisfied.

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