Why is there a bias towards using the term "Illegal alien" as opposed to "Undocumented Person"

Seems like "illegal" & "alien" are negative terms that serve to dehumanize people?

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there is a very very slight technical difference between the two but the words are essentially synonimous..i agree illegal alien is just a way to increase the pro american anti everyone else feeling

oh please! Not more politically correct crap! If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck.....then it is a duck!

'undocumented person' is PC soft-speak...read your George Carlin. Most of the immigration 'debate' is based on specious land claims, fake 'facts', and other drivel. Actually, I prefer the term 'Mexican citizen' as it is the most accurate, with most of the illegal aliens, in fact, being mexican citizens that've entered the United States illegally. But, start being honest, factual, and accurate, and you'll likely get your post deleted, around here...

'Illegal alien' is country-neutral, but still describes a person that's entered the country illegally....close enough. The sooner the fence gets built, the sooner we'll have less of it.

Support the US Border Patrol!

This is why I hate politics, instead of saying things in more layman terms ("Illegal Immigrants/Aliens"), they turn to sugarcoating it to something less objectionable ("Undocumented Person").

In the end though they mean the same thing: a person who violates the law by illegally entering any country.

The only ones taking offense to "illegal alien" are Mexico, the illegal's and their supporters. LaRaza, meaning "the race" screams out, everything for the race (theirs) nothing for the rest, is staunch against any terms such as, illegal or alien.

If you listen to the radical latino/hispanic, they say the US is their homeland, it doesn't belong to gringo's (other than hispanic), they say we stole this country from them, they're not illegal, we are. In fact in some communities where illegal's are in great numbers, if anyone refers to them as illegal, they're beaten up and sometimes worse.

Since the law enforcement agency's and the Border Patrol use the term illegal alien,it is the term I prefer to use..Being illegal is negative,its a crime.The PC/BS doesn't fly with honest people.Its used to identify the perpetrator,nothing more ,nothing less.

Oh gee that is really so nice. The fact that the is urgency of illegals are invading our country is what is offensive. Get out and we will consider polite nambby pamby terms as you suggests.

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