wireless internet?

I'm looking into get wireless internet in my three store house and want connection everywhere in it. Do i need a certaint kind to get connection through the whole house? Also the more computers using the wireless internet at the same time, is the speed of the internet going to be slower?

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For maximum distance look for the letters "MIMO" on your wireless equipment... This will give you extended power and range over other types.

Wireless N is newer and better, but G equipment with MIMO will probably be good enough. make sure the router is centrally located for access throughout the whole house... If you don't get MIMO, it will most assuredly NOT have the range you will need for that large a home!

The speed is a more a factor of the distance from the router than anything else... Most cable and DSL connections peak out at about 5-10 Mb and with 54Mb bandwidth on wireless G, you can support a lot of computers! Your internet bandwidth will be the limiting factor when all are using it full out!

You should be able to get it mostly everywhere in the house, but each wall and floor can rob your signal of its strength. The signal itself is usually good for about 300 feet or so. Each wall and floor can take away about 5 feet. If the signal is at an angle, that jumps up to about 12 feet.

Yes, the more people you have using the internet, wired or wireless, the more traffic you'll have and therefore you can expect it to slow down a little.

Do that, but buy a bunch of signal amplifiers.
3 stories is a big house

The higher the speed the longer it goes in theory. But the new mimo and N yes they are the fastest out there but, higher faster speeds also lose range (via walls , trees, wiring and weather) . B is slower but travels at a slower speed but passes through most everything. B is kind of like the African Elephant 2 herds 25miles part can take the exact same path with the slow heavy grunts of each other. There grunts can be heard from another herd as far as 100miles away.. So B will not get blocked as easy but is much slower air travel....G,N mimo are fast but lose range when too many things are in the way...I have a G w/Speedboost and a G Expander to boost it to my detached workshop over 200ft away and I get 1-2 bars without the booster and 6full bars using the booster. The booster is in the workshop itself...Thanks

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